Meet the Team

Learn more about each of us below:

Healthcare: 20 years
Trinity Clinic: 11 years
Bucket List Item: Stand in the Oval Office
Superpower: Diplomacy
Hidden Talent: Engineering
Most Used Emoji: 👍
Pet Peeve: Those subscription cards that fall out of magazines
Favorite Movie: Mr. Smith Goes To Washington
Happy Place: Smithsonian National Museum of American History

David Kuhn, M.D.

Founder & Medical Director

Healthcare: 9 years
Trinity Clinic: 9 years
Bucket List Item: Attend a British Open Championship
Superpower: PI Skills
Hidden Talent: Can kick a 35 yard field goal
Most Used Emoji: 😂
Pet Peeve:When people text back “K”
Favorite Movie: Midnight in Paris
Best Advice Ever Received: “Be kind to yourself. You were doing the best you could for who you were at the time.”

Susie Kuhn, M.Ed.

Quality Control

Healthcare: 25 years
Trinity Clinic: 2 years
Bucket List Item: Play in the snow before her risk of hip fracture is too high.
Hidden Talent: Baking
Most Used Emoji:☺️
Pet Peeve:People that don’t use their blinker.
Happy Place:Hobby Lobby
Best Advice Ever Received: “Be still.”

Kristin DeBusk, APRN, FNP-C

Nurse Practitioner

Healthcare: 16 years
Trinity Clinic: 5 years
Bucket List Item: Visit Italy
Superpower: Movie quote trivia
Hidden Talent: Ninja mute button skills
Most Used Emoji:🙈🙉
Happy Place:Fishing in the Gulf
Best Advice Ever Received: “Trust your instincts.”

Angela Brobst

Clinical Manager

Healthcare: 4 years
Trinity Clinic: 4 years
Bucket List Item: Visit Argentina
Superpower: Her laugh
Hidden Talent: Experimental Art
Most Used Emoji: 🥴
Pet Peeve: Tardiness in general
Happy Place: Her art studio
Best Advice Ever Received: “Acceptance is the key to life.”

Tatiana Nieves

Administrative Manager

Healthcare: 25 years
Trinity Clinic: 3 years
Bucket List Item: Skydiving
Superpower: Phlebotomy
Hidden Talent: Cooking
Most Used Emoji: ❤️
Pet Peeve: Traffic
Best Advice Ever Received: “Love yourself.”

Angel Applegate

Medical Assistant

Healthcare: 1 years
Trinity Clinic: 1 years
Secret Addiction: The smell of baby lotion
Superpower: Perseverance in the face of adversity
Most Used Emoji: 😍
Pet Peeve: Stores with 30 empty registers and two cashiers
Happy Place: The beach
Best Advice Ever Received: “Minding my business is free.”

Tiffanye Andrews